WEEDO Spring Steel Magnetic Platform for X40

$50.00 Regular price $80.00
Magnetic base can withstand high temperature of 140°C without losing magnetism
Suitable for PLA, ABS, HIPS, PETG, TPE filament, nylon, PC, RETT materials
Flexible, detachable, excellent adhesion to magnet
Fast heater performance reduces the waiting time after printing
The printed model can be removed by bending slightly without using other tools. After removing it, it will return to a flat state without damage to the mold, high temperature resistance and no deformation
Assembly requirements: It is necessary to ensure that the magnetic spring steel film is tightly attached to the platform or the hotbed, and there can be no gaps between them. It is recommended to install on the platform with counterbore. If it is installed on the through-hole platform, it is necessary to ensure that the fixing screws will not Top to