Great First Printer, frustrating start.

Amazing printer, I was very frustrated at first because during shipping the printer head must have got dislodged. After hours of checking and trial and error I found the problem. Has been printing great all day to day. My son loves it.

-By Alan Cox

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Best IDEX 3D Printer

Great buy for the money. Basically 2 printers in one.

Love being able to print 2 objects, the same or different, at the same time. You basically have 2 machines for the price of one. This is my 2nd printer but my 1st WEEDO product. Solidly built and easy to assemble. Has built in camera.

-By Dave



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What a great purchase! Everything about it is great quality, from the instruction manual to all of the parts. Everything is great so far. No complaints. The machine works great and is very simple to set up and use. My ten-year-old brother pretty much did the whole set up by himself.

I am pretty new to FDM printing, only been at it for about 9 months now. So far I've had great success with the Weedo X40, pretty much have had it up and running steadily from day one. While I've hardly begun tweaking many settings, that's mainly because the results have been satisfactory out-of-the box. You can see some of my prints so far in the images I've included.

Once the printer was operational, it took a little time to print calibration pieces to fully align and dial it in. Once done though she is printing beautifully in duplicate mode for me at the moment. Make sure to update your firmware BEFORE calibrating, unless you want to do it again...All in all... Worth the buy for an IDEX Printer... And a steal with the 20% off they were running when I bought it.