How to update the firmware of the TINA2S


We have two apps - Poloprint Pro App and Poloprint Local App.
Poloprint Pro App - Have model library, pre-sliced models are available at your fingertips in our Poloprint Pro app. 
Poloprint Local App - You can control the printer easily with Poloprint Local App such as starting printing and pausing printing, adjusting the temperature etc.

Our app is constantly upgrading for better user experience. In order not to miss our newest functions, please update the firmware to our latest version.

How to update the firmware

Please download the latest firmware:
1) Machine Firmware
2) Wi-Fi Firmware


 How to use Polo print Pro App

After the firmware is updated, we may encounter the situation that the printer cannot read the firmware information. When you encounter this problem, please try to restart the printer and PP Local App

How to use Poloprint Local App