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【Independent Dual Extruder】WEEDO X40 is designed with independent dual extruders that supports 5 printing modes: Normal single nozzle printing;Dual-color printing with the same material (PLA+PLA, ABS+ABS);Duplication mode printing (printing 2 copies of the same item at the same time);Mirror mode printing (printing a normal and a mirror copy of an item at the same time);Mixed material printing (PLA+PVA, ABS+PVA, PLA+TPU, ABS+TPU).
【Auto-leveling 3d printer】WEEDO IDEX X40 is designed with proximity sensor to improve the overall printing reliability. We have also added essential quality of life features such as print resume after power loss and auto power off to save energy.
【User Friendly UI System】WEEDO X40 adopts a 4.3-inch full-color touch screen.The user-friendly UI is equipped with a multi-language interface. Can’t remember what you named your .gcode? Don’t worry! The graphical print interface displays a preview picture and details for each model, making it easy to identify your sliced file from Wiibuilder..
【Build in Camera 】WEEDO X40 equipped with ESP32 Wi-Fi chip and a built-in camera module that allows you to check your printer in the local area network. You can also start prints over the network with CURA and our Wiibuilder slicer integrations.When X40 connect to our control App: PoloPrint Pro,you’ll be able to receive notifications from your social account when prints are complete.
【Help Button & Warranty】The UI includes a context based Help icon, which is convenient for beginners to quickly get guidance on how to use the interface based on where they are on the menu. One-year warranty for the printer and a 3-month warranty for the extruder. Lifetime technical support, any problems please feel free to contact our support team, when you have problem with it, we will respond to you 7/24.


This item have upgraded to the newest X40 V2 Version since February 2022, The quality has been greatly improved based on the feedback of tens of thousands of machines sold. The new version has solved most problems of the old version.

Both beginners and advanced users will appreciate our ready-to-go product philosophy. This means you go from package to printing in minutes with two robust pre-assembled components. Don’t sweat over connections as the X40 comes with fully pre-routed cables, taking time and guesswork out of the equation.

The X40 is developed by WEEDO, a China based company deeply committed to developing practical new 3D printing technologies and consumer grade 3D printers. We are proud of the 45 patents, including 10 invention patents, we’ve secured over our company's life; a sign of our substantial industrial experience. Our production factory has obtained a number of important and distinct management system certificates, such as SEDEX, ISO9001, OHSAS 18001, IOS14001, among others. All 3D printers manufactured by WEEDO are CE /EMC / ROHS certified by the Bureau Veritas and other authoritative certification and testing organisations.

WEEDO X40 Independent Dual Extruder

Our Independent Dual Extruder (IDEX) print heads allows for fast printing with two colors and/or differing materials. This robust printing system augments your ability to create complex geometries and new combinations of materials in unending variety. The WEEDO X40 does more so you can create higher quality prints faster than on other single extruder machines.The X40 automatically levels the bed before each print to ensure a perfect first layer every time you press ‘print’.Whether it's brittle filament that accidentally snaps before reaching the print head or you reach the end of a roll before a print is through, the X40 has you covered.The graphical print interface displays a picture preview and details for each model, making it easy to identify your file before pressing ‘print’.The X40 will automatically shut down when a job is completed or well as after a standby timeout when no jobs are present.

Technical Parameter

Single Printing Build Volume: 300 x 300 x 400mm

·Build Plate Temp Range: 0° - 100° C

·Nozzle Temp Range: 0° - 260° C

·Connectivity Interface: USB, MicroSD Card,Wi-Fi

·Layer Resolution: 100 - 400 Microns

·Dimensions & Weights: 21.3x 24.4 x 26 Inches | 29.1 lbs (540 x 620 x 660mm | 13.2 kgs)

·Filament Support: PLA, ABS, TPU, PC, NYLON,PETG, Metal Fill, Wood Fill,PVA